Welcome to the Unified People's Collective

"What do you call House Cygnus? A good start."
—Unknown UPC militant

The Unified People's Collective, generally called the UPC, is different from the other factions as it is more of a loose coalition than a “unified” collective. It is, however, united in its anti-imperial goal. Their cause is proletarian and anti-nobility.

Place within the Empire

There are many different sub-factions within the UPC, some more radical and others more moderate. The UPC has also attracted members not associated with any sub-faction. The UPC unites anarchists, pacifists, Marxists, Neo-Posadists, democrats, libertarians and many other political opponents of the Empire.

Organization of the UPC

The faction makes the majority of its decision via direct democracy, each member gets their say on the going on's in the faction as a whole.

The Council

The UPC is led by a council, which are voted by all the members of the UPC. The Council is made up of both radicals and moderates and they discuss their decisions for the UPC there. Currently the moderates are holding the majority. They meet in the UPC Headquarters on Yakiyah.

Current Council Members:

Former Council Members:


These are the notable Members of the UPC.

Sub-factions of the UPC

Main article: UPC Factions

The UPC is a collection of different political movements, banding together under the moniker of Unified People's Collective. While not every member belongs to one of the sub-factions, many do.

Quick overview of the UPC's many subfactions
UPC(RF) Agricultural Workers' Union
Revolutionary Synthesis, Neo-Posadism
Upcfac-aef-flag Alien Emancipation Front
Xeno Rights, Democratic Governance
UPC AISC Anti-Imperial Synth Company
DRF Flag Democratic-Revolutionary Front
Anti-imperial, anti-corporate, democratic
ELPH Flag 3 Environmentalist League for Psionic Harmony
Neo-Animism, Green Anarchism, Eco-terrorism, Anti-imperialism
FCI.2 Free Commerce Initiative
Free Trade, Free Movement, Anarcho-capitalism
Upcfac-guildism-flag Guildism
Upcfac-HCPE-flag Hroan Collective for Planetary Evacuation
Getting off the planet
HaM flag Humans Against Mankind
UPC Trade Union Syndicalists Interstellar Confederation of Syndicates
Unionizing, Workers' Rights
UPC MDV 2 Movement for a Democratic Void
Workers' rights, direct democracy, spacer representation
MAPL-0 Moviment Anarco-Socialista Per la Libertat
PIB flag People for an Independant Berkmann III
Religious Freedom, Berkmann III free from Empire and Corporations
UPC PLF Planetary Liberation Front
Paramilitary, Planetary Sovereignty, Libertarian
Upcfac-cf-flag The Communist Front
Moncom-design 6 The Conservative League
Classical Liberalism/Conservatism, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Nobility, Anti-Monopoly
Upcfac-foy-flag The Friends of Yakiyah
Radical Egalitarian, Pacifist, Synth-rights, Anti-Ecclesiastical Authority
Upcfac-Iuwc-flag The Impossibilist Union of Worker Collectives
Impossibilism, Neo-Posadism, Worker's Rights, Revolutionary Democracy
Upcfac-junblock-flag The Jun Bloc
Synth Rights, Synths Safe Harbour
The-silent-renaissance-flag The Silent Renaissance
Planetary Sovereignty, Anarchist, Pamita Cha nationalist
HandFlagThingWiderNewColour Progressive Democratic Human Union
Anti-religion, pro-humanity, pro-democracy
Upc flag 1366x768 Life-Extension Therapy Guerrilla Offensive
Anti-immortalism, anti-Trilliant Ring
The SB The Slaqtine Brigade
Authoritarian, Militarism, Paramilitary
Upc flag 1366x768 Don't join sub-factions, division weakens the UPC!
White Orchid Manifesto

Local and regional sub-factions

Branches of the UPC

The UPC has many logistical needs and some people of the collective have formed branches to fill those needs.

Culture of the UPC

The Unified People's Collective doesn't have a singular cohesive culture. They like to debate and share ideas. Everything from their favorite holo-films all the way to the fate of humanity and morality. People who are drawn to the UPC are often politically aware and have opinions about how it should be.

Karl Engels Books

Two books written by Karl Engels, one co written with M L Graeber


The UPC tries to spread their message via different means such as protesting, pamphlets, and books.


The UPC has a Psiball team called Yakiyan Yaks.

Places of Influence


The Unified People's Collective, has control over the planet Yakiyah. That is where the UPC Headquarters is located. The Unified People's Collective doesn't have control over any Systems.

Relief Centre on Ophai, Hroa

Set up in response to a chemical spill by the Free Commerce Initiative (FCI) caring for serfs suffering from the spill. Recruitment grounds for the UPC cause on Hroa.

History of the UPC

Pre-War Against the Artificials

The UPC did not form until the War, but some of its sub-factions have history that reaches back before then.

The War Against the Artificials


The UPC was formed in 3181 in an event known as The White Orchid Assembly Hall Meeting, where they adopted the iconic emblem of the red and orange Edelrot flower.

The UPC sub-factions begin political actions to gain control of Yakiyah.


0xDEADC0DE virus let loose on the imperial transport coordination systems in 3187. The attack carried a message of anti-war propaganda and caused great disarray in intra-system civil transports for several days as several key logistics systems where rendered useless.


The various sub-faction of the UPC finally gain de facto control of Yakiyah.

The Common Era

For the recent history, monthly Acheron Rho Asset Maps show the strategic situation of the UPC:


UPC Faction Turn Fluff


How to make a Character

So you wanna join the UPC. The UPC accepts persons of any shape, gender, or shape-ability. They are an open collective to all.

One thing all members of the UPC share is a strong political option, characters should be politically active and aware. Some of the UPC sub-factions can help guide you, but not all members of the UPC are part of a sub-faction. So feel free to mix and match philosophies, or come up with your own.

Other than that make sure to follow the Character Template

How are decisions made within the UPC

So you’ve joined the UPC and you’re not sure how things are done? Not to worry! Each member of the Collective has input in what gets voted on and what gets decided in those votes.

Calling for a Vote

Any member may call for a vote, as long as 2 other members support it. The members of the UPC, not just supporters of the vote, work together on the question being asked and the answers to choose from.

Ideally the question and options would be clear enough so that an uninformed collective citizen can understand what a vote for an option will mean in relation to the question.

If there are only 2 options, the decision is made by a majority vote (the option that gets more votes wins). If there are 3 or more options, the decision is made using a Ranked Voting system.

Faction Turn Voting

There is a document titled “Faction Asset and Strategy Suggestions” that proposals for faction turns are posted in, this doc is pinned in the #faction-turn-planning channel. Any member may make a proposal, but only proposals with at least three supporters are included in the vote. Campaign for your proposal in order to get two more people supporting it in addition to you! Each member can support only one proposal.

Follow the format and fill in the technical bits of your plan, be specific, Motivate your plan in a few paragraphs following the list of actions.

Come up with a clever name for your plan, or use the generator. Make sure to not reuse names of other plans current and past, or use names that are very close like only adding a number. The names are an important shorthand for when discussing the plans in chat.

Don't change a plan without getting the permission of all supporters of the plan.

If your plan is the same as another but with only minor changes you can make an amendment, Start a new section after the list of actions with a heading like "Operation X - Y amendment" and list the differences, again, by specific.

Amendments need supporters just like any other plan and is only used to get a better overview of the different plans.

How long are votes up for?

Votes are open for 48 - 72 hours depending on urgency and needs (if for example a vote goes up on a Friday morning, it’s open until Sunday night). This usually means that we hold votes in the last week of the month for the faction turn, after a month of working on proposals and diplomacy.

How do I know when a vote goes up?

Usually there is talk in the UPC channels about a vote going up a few days prior to the start of the vote. Check the pins, and also keep in mind when the faction turn is. The current speaker will @everyone to notify them of a new vote.

Further Resources

The UPC also has its own wiki, with pages about its many sub-factions and characters:

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