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This sector of Far Verona is called Acheron Rho. Acheron Rho was first colonized in 2200 by a series of Constellation Ships sent from Earth. Five years later, the colonists encountered alien lifeforms and The War for Human Prosperity broke out. Treaties were later signed with a newly-formed Empire founded by those original colonists fifteen years later. That Empire has ruled ever since. The History of Acheron Rho is rich and detailed and has survived for almost a thousand years.

Below is a table with all the Systems or click the image below for an interactive map of the sector.
(Static Map is based on the original start positions of the Far Verona Factionturn)
Far Verona Map Updated.png

Sector Systems List

Location Name Neighbors Notable Celestial Bodies
0000 Almu Gerbia
0002 Sl 8615 Eunelas, Iphoos
0004 Ragnhil Phalest Koschei (Deathless Homeworld)
0005 Phalest Ragnhil
0007 Oenon Pavvis
0008 Pavvis Oenon
0101 Iphoos Sl 8615, Eriopei, Eunelas
0102 Eunelas Sl 8615, Eriopei, Iphoos Hong Lu (Former 14 Red Dogs Triad Homeworld)
0202 Eriopei Eunelas, Iphoos Echo (PRISM Homeworld)
0205 Pamita Cha Lovelace (Triangulum Homeworld)
0209 Igliza Helesco Trillia IX (Trilliant Ring Homeworld)
0303 Amedere Orbere
0306 Sig Alvero, Tsatsos Andophael (High Church Homeworld)
0308 Helesco Igliza
0400 Osun
0406 Alvero Tsatsos, Aliya, Sig, Imperial Prime Aomori (Reticulum Homeworld), Tiber (Former Eridanus Homeworld)
0407 Tsatsos Alvero, Aliya, Sig Demnoph (Eridanus Homeworld, Former ACRE Homeworld), Hroa (Serpens Homeworld, The Academy), Yakiyah (Former UPC Homeworld)
0503 NG03-7
0505 Imperial Prime Ellis, Alvero, Perithr, Aliya Imperial Prime (Capital of the Empire), Maja (Fornax Homeworld)
0506 Aliya Alvero, Perithr, Tsatsos, Imperial Prime Diomikato (Aquila Homeworld)
0509 Benilli Hild Cabina (SERAPH Homeworld, former Church of Humanity Homeworld)
0601 Xandare Solequon
0605 Ellis Perithr, Antakis, Imperial Prime Gats (former Cygnus Homeworld), Hiera (Crux Homeworld)
0606 Perithr Ellis, Antakis, Aliya, Imperial Prime Haqani (former Vela Homeworld)
0610 Hild Benilli, Pujaya Nita Shān (Vagrant Homeworld)
0611 Pujaya Nita Hild
0700 Solequon Xandare
0704 Home EllisAntakisTavroular Lodestone (Pyxis "Homeworld")
0705 Antakis Ellis, Perithr Orpheus (Lyra Homeworld)
0804 Tavroular Askirut Sal
0808 Guild HQ The Guild Dyson Sphere (Guild "Homeworld"), Optic 1 (Triangulum Research Station)
0901 Meneus Jel Vaa Ias (Democratic Mandate Homeworld)
0902 Jel Vaa Askirut Sal, Meneus Imperial Corrections Facility Gleipnir (Prison Planet)
0903 Askirut Sal Tavroular, Jel Vaa
0910 SQA 067-98 Bergunn
0911 Bergunn SQA 067-98