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Humanity is Glorious. Human beings were created in God’s image unlike all other life, and should behave like it. Purists preach that while living by the ten Virtues is Ideal and certainly a goal to aspire to, all aspects of Humanity are laudable, even traditionally negative ones like greed or envy or wrath. All of those ‘Failings’ are divine gifts to help Humanity rule over other life.

Sees the Empire as the best and most successful Human institution ever created and should be protected.

Staunchly against aliens and Synths. as well as seeking to spread the influence of the Empire to worlds that are ignorant of The High Church and to Worlds where Aliens are using space that Humanity could be using.


They run and manage the Cathedral of the Divine via Earthly Sensation; A worship site dedicated to pleasure.

Influential Writings

The primary source of Purist theology and philosophy is "The First Rule", by Illohim bin Ahmed. The work's central thesis is that humanity is the purest expression of the mind of God, and as they could not create an impure creation, the Humanity itself must be pure in nature. Illohim's argument is that all aspects of the Human condition are therefore aspects of the divine, including the ones that are traditionally associated with negative outcomes: hate, greed, avarice, lust, gluttony, and others. To Illohim, these were the manifestations of the Divine in everyday Life.

During the period of the Blood Eagle, these ideas had a great deal of following, as many new acolytes were told not to study the works of more mainstream authors in a misguided attempt by the bureaucracy to control the Church. With the fall of the Blood Eagle, and in the subsequent centuries, the number of new Purists accepted into the ranks of the clergy has steadily decreased, to the point where they are now a small minority.

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