The Program of Community Outreach is a branch of the Unified People's Collective dedicated to spreading the influence and effect of the UPC. Broken into cells of Community Outreach Agents (COAs) who elect Managers (COMs) to organize operations, the Program of Community Outreach has spread the word of the UPC to many troubled and disconnected regions, ensuring that the power of local organizations and work unions remains sector-wide. While the Program of Community Outreach is not vocally pro-synth, many efforts are made by them to provide safe and hidden shelter for synths as well as any members and allies of the UCP.

PCO cells tend to operate in very small groups, usually being a single Manager and 2-3 Agents at most, though certain operations will only have a single Manager. While high level Agents operate independently.

Cells will often operate small storefronts or food shops as a front to passively gain intel and knowledge of the area they are located in.

The PCO is headed by a leader and a vice leader. the leader is Comrade Tots and the vice leader is COM Petr Komarov. Both of them take orders from N/A.