The Platte Deep Space Station is a remote habitat within the Alvero system that was constructed as a meeting point and neutral territory for House Eridanus and House Reticulum to meet; however, over time it became disused and largely abandoned.


Platte Station is home to one of House Reticulum's most famous (and infamous) warriors; Yaksha 蛇首 Zhou Yijun. A former Asura, this revered weapon master was both feared and revered for their skills in battle and bloodthirsty attitude. For years Yijun held the respect of the house, but as the master aged over time, their ego and eccentricity grew. Eventually, the master receded to the isolated Platte station with a group of highly loyal followers, cutting themselves off from the rest of the house and refusing to take students or visitors.

As there has been little activity or threat from this station thus far, House Eridanus has refrained from deeper investigations, trusting their neighbors to handle one of their own.

Recent Events

Recently, Platte Station has become the base of operations for the Orthus Initiative, a partnership between House Reticulum and the Fourteen Red Dogs Society. While Yaksha Yijun still oversees the day-to-day operations of the station, Initiative leaders control most aspects of the station. From here Orthus Initiative assets are sent across the sector, and new resources arrive constantly the fuel the organization’s efforts.