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Serpens Nomi Qa'a is the player character run by AnneMunition. Anne has created a twitter account for her character.

Traits and Appearance



Nomi Qa'a is the daughter of a respected family in House Serpens. Her mother Serpens Practitioner Rysa Qa'a is a Practitioner at The Caduceus Organization, her father Serpens Nominator Soren Qa'a, is a Nominator at The Imperial Academy of Psionic Learning and Wellness. She has one sibling, their current status is unclear

Her quarters on the ship are clean and spartan with a stack of books.

A picture of her together with her parents, graduating from The Imperial Academy of Psionic Learning and Wellness, can be seen hanging on the wall of her cabin. The photo appears to be folded to obscure a portion of it from being visible.

Early Life

Education and Stats

Hit Points: 12

Psychic Disciplines: Telepathy, Precognition

Character Artwork

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