RollPlay®: Far Verona is a tabletop actual play with Space Master Adam Koebel and the cast AnneMunition, ThatBronzeGirl, Max Gonzalez, and Mark Hulmes. It is set in the universe of Acheron Rho. The role-playing game the show is based on is Stars Without Number (download the free version of the rule-book here).

If you are new to Far Verona and don't know what to do or play now, below a short summary of the lore background and the factions in the game.

The Empire

Acheron Rho is dominated by The Empire, which has a long standing History. Adam Koebel has done several lore streams about Acheron Rho and answered a multitude of questions around it. You can find all this information in the Lore Category of this Wiki.

The Story So Far

The actual play follows the story of the crew of the HCS 167 Meters of Pure Jurisprudence (short: Prudence). You can catch up on it with this Episode List.

The Factions

Many different factions shape the political landscape of the sector in the Faction Turn. Read more about their cultural roots and symbolism here. Below a summary of the factions' responsibilities and main themes.

The Noble Houses

The Houses Major

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Crux
House Crux The Cross Ours to Bear Lawkeeping

Forerunners for the throne
Ancient and powerful (always have been)
Ties to the church are strong
Responsible for saving humanity from the terrible mistakes of House Cygnus
VERY anti-synthetic
Keeper of the law and strictures of The Empire
Adjutantism adjudicators, solicitors and executioners of the legal aspects of The Empire
Arbitrators yes, Inquisitors also

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Fornax preview
House Fornax The Furnace Forged in Fire Starship Construction

Inventors and designers of the current iteration of the spike drive
Builders of fleets and ships
Industrious and relatively apolitical
There's never been a Fornax emperox
Ancient house, with a great deal of clout and power    

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Vela preview
House Vela The Sails On Sails of Light Star Charts and Navigation

Control the great Library of star charts and sector maps
Protectors of knowledge and history
Formerly explorers now earthbound guardians of information
Information brokers and secret keepers
Navigators on EVERY ship - they're the only ones who can teach astral navigation    

The Houses Minor

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
Faction HouseAquila
House Aquila The Eagle Fiercely and Faithfully The Imperial Legions

Warriors and Generals
Infantry especially, but also GIANT ROBOTS
Serve the Throne not the Emperox
Deal not in guns and bombs or equipment but in human troops
Weakened by the loss of their synthetic legions
Pretty sure House Triangulum is up to something    

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
X7dbVqqD 400x400
House Eridanus The River In the Black Trade Dealings and Imperial Treasury

Deals with the corporate Powers
Has a hand in trade
Controls and manages the Imperial accounts
Responsible for the taxation of the other houses
Sort of universally disliked but they get the job done
If you need a loan between nobles, you ask them
If they hate you, guess who has to pay way higher taxes (it's you)

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Lyra
House Lyra The Lyre Between the Stars Art and Philosophy

Secret technigques of psychic manipulation (more telepaths than any other house - strict breeding)
The house responsible for funeral practice in the Empire
A little bit Bene Gesserit
A little bit psychic death cult
Manipulators and string pullers
Propagandists of the Empire

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House pyxis logo
House Pyxis The Compass Ever Searching -

Formerly part of House Vela, splintered off when the Library was built
Explorers, no fixed home
A loose network of nobles
Space rangers and travellers
Once a year, they connect at a secret meeting and share exploration and illicit maps!
The most alien friendly
Cosmopolitan and open to new ideas
A bit weird, a bit flakey
Voted most likely to forget that they're human at all

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Reticulum
House Reticulum The Reticle Our Sights are True Weaponsmiths

Makes guns, bombs, flak cannons
Makes knifes, swords, nukes
On the bleeding edge of weapon manufacturing
Near religious obsession with weapons and personal conflict
Invented and, with House Crux, are responsible for the Formal System of Noble Grievance Resolution
Duellists, seconds, gun and sword aficionados. The literal Blade of the Emperox
Employ and utllize the Bravos, a cadre of elite duellists who will fight EACH OTHER in your name
House is split between those who make and those who wield
Ruled by the top two in each branch (Best Maker and Best Duelists). Traditionally hate each other (might end up lovers too)

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Serpens preview
House Serpens The Serpent Pierce the Veil The Psychic Academy

House Serpens publicly known to have assassinated the previous Emperox, an unforgiveable crime (even if it was done for good reason)
No murder of an Emperox goes unpunished but the Houses have agreed to temporarily stay judgement due to circumstances
They see the future and know the ways forward
Have access to deep and powerful visions and psychic stuff
Yes, they do employ psychic assassins but also, like, they run most of the big hospitals and biopsychic surgeries
If it weren't for Serpens, MES would just kill people

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Triangulum
House Triangulum The Triangle Working the Angles Science

Researchers and scientists
Terraformers and world builders
Dreaming of dyson spheres and megastructures
Vary from obsessive mad scientists to social scientists; Engineering a better life for humanity
Helped House Cygnus create the synthetics, for which they are currently being distrusted and are paying their debt to the other houses
Heavily monitored, heavily sanctioned and watched over carefully by Crux, Vela, and Fornax
Many top scientists in the field of AI / VI and other related fields killed during the (Cygnus war stuff)
Angling for an invitation to The Guild

The Fallen House

Heraldry Name Nickname Motto Responsibilities
House Cygnus preview
House Cygnus The Swan By Our Hand Synthetic Life

Former Imperial House, now no living Cygnus would admit it
Secret plan to seize control of ALL other houses and take sole control
Very dead. Hunted to a man (or so Crux would have us believe) for their crimes against all humanity
They created the Synthetic who served us for generations but who would turn on us for their Cygnus masters
Betrayers all and apostates and villains
Also though, they basically invented modern AI / VI tech
With them, we might all be robots
It's said they had secret links to The Guild
Crux had to get rid of them, and everyone else just followed along

The Spiritualists

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The High Church
The High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox Church - -

Messianic religion that believes that the Emperox is a recurring reincarnation or eternal visitation of heaven's will in reality
Highly tied to the nobility
Embedded deeply as state religion
Controls, manages and facilitates every aspect of Imperial spiritual life
If an Emperox is not chosen, the High Exarch becomes Steward and Regent of The Empire
The actual doctrine is a mashup of various Earth beliefs
Conservative religions, anti-alien, anti-synthetic (though only vocally really recently)
Pro-human, pro-nobility, hierarchy, structure, control

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The Church of Humanity
The Church of Humanity, Repentant Church - -

Progressive religion, formed post-alien sector genocide war
Apologists and reunifiers
Repentant, varying from barely-religious sociologists and xenologist literal academian, etc. to martyr cults and alien fetishists
Make good on all the awful shit we did to the aliens and each other and now synths
Believe that conscciousness and the soul are one
Cartesian Heretics, technically
Not splinter cult, they have a big following
Preach acceptance and love
Probably are either friends with, or are courted, by the UPC

The Corporates

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
ACRE symbol
A.C.R.E Corporation - -

Nobody actually remembers what it stands for, you ask anyone and you get a different reply
The board of directors is made up of temporarily de-nobled nobles
A Directorate is a way for a noble to gain power if their regular path is blocked
They handle all the grunt work of industry and agriculture
Keep the planets fed
They probably buy up serfdoms and run them for nobles at a percentage
Have excellent relationship with House Eridanus most of the time
Currently in the middle of a MASSIVE LABOR CRISIS
Because, like, farm and mining and labor intensive jobs used to be done by ROBOTS which Crux killed all of 
But it's cool because they're rich as fuck (for now)

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The Deathless
The Deathless Mercenary - -

Affect a very scary demeanor
Excellent business division
Generally friendly towards the Nobility, becase that's who usually hires them
Guns for hire
Very much a space PMC
They were formed from surviving generals and warriors from the First Conflict, the war with the aliens, who didn't want to join House Aquila when it was formed
Declined to participate, turned down a contract to hunt Synthetics and kill Cygnus
Obviously, Crux holds a grudge

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The Prism Network
The PRISM Network Media Conglomerate The Full Spectrum -

Both all the news, entertainment, and general media in the sector
Also, monitoring, spying, panopticon 1984 shit
They watch, and are watched by just about everyone in the sector
Control over public opinion, deep intelligence assets

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The Trilliant Ring Corporation Have the Time of Your Life -

Makers of luxury goods - space yachts, designer pharmaceuticals, cybernetic implants, much lux goods
If it's fancy and expensive and cool, it's probably a Trill
Supposedly they made a series of skins for The Guild once
Designed the bodies and programming of the Cygnus Pleasure Synth model (which they are trying to not let you remember)
Nobles love them because they're ferrari, moet & chandon and like, everyone's favourite drug dealer all in one thing
Complex relationship with the criminal syndicates
ALSO the inventors and sole suppliers of life extension technology...
Looks greedily at The Guild and their megatech

Ex Miscellanea

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
House Vagrant
"House" Vagrant Criminal What's Yours is Mine -

A collection of individual ships and small fleets that come from shitty worlds and banded together to raid and pillage
House in an asteroid field
Strike quickly and withdraw
Apolitical, save that they hate people who have money that they don't
Deal in kidnapping, piracy, smuggling, illegal transport
Currently have a good number of kidnapped nobles waiting for ransom
Slavery business is picking up...
Some of House Cygnus is definitely hiding out here with them

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
14 Red Dogs Triad
14 Red Dogs Triad Criminal - -

Deal in maltech
Drugs (the bad kind)
Slavery, vice, gambling, etc
Racketeering, extortion
Illegal synth sales, stolen property from The Guild

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
Unified People's Collective Other Empathy, Equality, Emancipation Disrupt the stats quo

A loose collection of semi-related movements varying wildly in politics except:
Small government, planetary scale, etc.
Some of them are like communists others like lbertarians

Heraldry Name Type Motto Responsibilities
The Guild preview
The Guild Non-Faction E pluribus anus -

Post Humans TL 6
Above and beyond the politics of the sector
Don't really consider themselves part of the human race
Science magic; multiple bodies, nanotech, psitech, etc.
Experienced the singularity of technology and humanity already
Live in a dyson sphere
Could solve any of humanity's problems but they basically won't
Had their origins in a hacker collective / gaming guild
Basically just do wierd space drugs, turn themselves into cybernetic dragon faerie elves, have a lot of very weird sex and play games all the time
Some of their games result in like, human genocide but that's how it goes
Totally lost touch with humanity
Darmok and Jalad, baby
Have names like xX_Sephiroth_HarshTokes_DeezNutz_Xx