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House Triangulum is one of The Houses Minor in the Rollplay: Far Verona Universe. The House’s homeworld is Lovelace, located in Hex 0205. House Triangulum nobles mainly reside in orbit, on their research arcology Habitat One, though a small on-world population is maintained. House Triangulum is currently the only Noble House with Tech Level (TL) 5.

House Triangulum has also declared a candidate for the Imperial throne.

House Triangulum Organization

Feudal Anarchy

There is no explicit hierarchy among the Families of House Triangulum. Implicitly, there is a meritocracy based on competence in their Discipline.

The Pythagoras

The position of Pythagoras is a voluntary service some experienced Triangulum nobles provide for the furthering of the Triangulum Families’ common interests. Their main role is resolving internal conflicts, deciding on how Imperial Law applies to innovation in technology and broadcasting a general stance of the House to outsiders.

The Pythagoras are the reflection of the pragmatic nature of the members of House Triangulum. They simply make decisions concerning topics that involve entirety of the House or when the House needs a higher level of administration on bigger projects, leaving the Triangulum Families in charge of local governance, scientific efforts and smaller issues.

Layered Technocracy


Focused mainly on scientific progress, a usual Triangulum Noble is often not invested as some other Houses in building relationships with other Noble Families (or Houses) unless it is in line with the progress of his research.

This often leaves them unaware of the greater political spectrum and deliberately ignorant of formal Imperial etiquette. They do not see the usefulness of titles and often use their Discipline for formal introductions, adding Lord/Liege/Lady if they care to avoid awkwardness from the other nobles.


Even though the laws of The High Church are followed to the letter, when focused on work the Triangulum Nobles will rarely register someone’s social status if that person can deliver the skill and competence required. Accomplished commoners are often rewarded generously.

Habitat One commoners serve many roles on the station-arcology, from maintenance technicians to research assistants working directly in Triangulum family laboratories, and have access to most of the technological commodities of the station.

That being said, only two existing noble Triangulum Families are known to have commoner roots, and there’s no commoner yet that would hold ownership of any part of the Habitat One station.


The Protractors of Lovelace

For main article see Protractors of Lovelace

The Protractors of Lovelace (a.k.a. Maltech club) are a rogue intelligence agency of House Triangulum which devolved into an illegal and secretive organization. The PoL are dedicated to advance the forbidden sciences and protection of scientists. They maintain a network of scientists and agents all over Acheron Rho.

The Orders of Operation

For main article see The Orders of Operation

The military focued nobles of House Triangulum form six Knightly Orders. Governed by the Order of Brackets, these nobles along with their Commoners form the bulk of the House Guard - the House Triangulum military forces.

The Silent Renaissance

For main article see The Silent Renaissance

Where there is oppression, there is resentment. Where there is injustice, there are those who fight it. Where there is Power, there are those who want it and those who want it wiped away. The Silent Renaissance is merely the name of a group that has existed in one form or another for as long as the Empire has had its grasp on Triangulum. Considered reactionary and extreme by most, their call for unity and an end to the arbitrary system of nobility and the creation of a truly egalitarian society where the control of the Hab is not just based on birthright, but on merit, has nonetheless brought in supporters mostly among the commoners, but even some powerful noble Houses have started to show an interest which has lead to a few experimental communities controlled not by a noble, but collectively by all within it. While the branch in Pamita Cha is generally considered peaceful and a meaningful voice for unity, there are rumors of a more extreme branch, growing in the dark and well-hidden corners of the Lovelace quarter in Tanez, Yakiyah. A more extreme and more violent one.


For main article, see Triangulum Culture

Triangulum are curious, always seeking the truth and trying to understand the nature of everything they see.

Triangulum are scientists, through observation and experiment they passionately study the physical and behavioural nature of the universe

Triangulum are Families, cherishing the human bonds and understanding, that it’s emotions that make us different from one another.

Triangulum are Nobility, chosen amongst humankind to push humanity forward and improve the life of every human being.

Triangulum live among the stars, searching for truth in deep space or sharing our knowledge with anyone willing to learn.

Triangulum live on Lovelace, where their ancestors once lived, seeking the truth about their lost technology.

Triangulum live above Lovelace, on Habitat One, examining, experimenting and building wonders.



Marriage in House Triangulum is always a compromise between family and research. Most of Triangulum marriages are research agreements. Two nobles of the House Triangulum exchange more or less symbolic keys to their research, and vow to share all their knowledge, care for one another and raise their children in the spirit of The House. It is a foolish but common assumption, among other Houses, that there is no emotion involved. Few people are as passionate about their research and the perspective of sharing it with someone then Triangulum researchers.

Triangulum marriage is a secular agreement, and in no way precludes a Church marriage, the two are compatible and the ceremonies are often combined.

Upbringing, Maturation, Old age and death

It is expected that the Family will see to the education and upbringing of their children, so that by the age of 16 they are ready to pass the Maturation Exam - a test that can determine whether a young noble is ready to expand the field of his Discipline.

The life of a Noble is meant to focus on bringing new knowledge and understanding of his chosen field to The Empire.

Once a Nobles’ mind starts to fail him due to old age, he typically resigns from active research, moves into seclusion and leaves his successor to be the Head of his Family.

In case of illness some Nobles decide to be cryopreserved and stored in his Family’s Habitat One cryo facilities. This is also a service often granted to outsiders.

House Lyra allows House Triangulum to extract the brain and spinal cord of their dead in hopes these can be examined, replicated or revived in a manner not contradicting High Church dogma.

Neural Editing

For the main article see Neural Editing

Neural editing is an integral part of modern Triangulum culture. First created by Triangulum scientists for use in Synthetic humans. The process was honed for an additional 75 years before being introduced as a way to increase learning and performance in Noble children. Full adoption of the technology didn’t take place until around 3110, but now it is incredibly rare to find a Triangulum Family that does not perform neural editing on its children.


For the main article see Cliques

In any group where many people with their own opinions interact, politics soon follows. The general division of Habitat One into areas controlled by the various families, as well as the generally decentralized nature of Triangulum administration, means that it’s not a difficult proposition to find and align yourself with those who agree with you. Nonetheless, the weak administrative power of the Pythagoras and the lack of a more central power structure means that there has been little need for official political parties. This does not mean, however, that they are free from factionalism and many so-called “Cliques” have emerged from the fray, followed by both commoners and nobles alike. Not all Cliques are mutually exclusive and it’s rather common to share the world views of two or more of them, picking and choosing the details any individual most agrees with. Some of the larger ones, capable of actually asserting some influence over the families are:

The Aristotelians: Pro-Empire, Perfection, Hierarchy

The Purified: Human supremacy, Anti-Synth, Anti-Alien

The Logos: Logic, Realpolitik, Self-improvement

The Old Guard: Triangulum tradition/culture, Anarchism, Isolationism

The Hedonists: Hedonism, Techno Progressivism, Alien emancipation

The Orphans: Anti-war, Meditech focus, Dueling

The Singularity Seekers: Rapid advancement, No barriers, Ascension


For main article see Triangulum Technology

Science and technology go hand in hand in House Triangulum. Commodities the commoners have easy access to on Habitat-1 wouldn't be out of place being sold as expensive luxuries to TL4 worlds.

Habitat One

Habitat one

The majestic arcology Habitat One circling the orbit of Lovelace.

It is common knowledge, that super-intelligent pets, localized gravity induction, microscopic forcefields, phasing walls, programmable matter and a multitude of robots of varying functions are a common theme among the citizens of Habitat One. The arcology can also produce psitech-focused mechs, hosts a station wide Augmented Reality fields, ZeroG water parks and 3G wrestling matches, is defended by an army of remote controlled drones and a tractor beam array, can support multiple on-surface camps and has the largest vegetation dome on top that includes genetically modified crops, trees and fungi.


Pirate’s tales have it, that each of the nobles on Habitat One wears an invisibility cloak and Boots of levitation, that the Triangulums use nanotechnology to gain superhuman strength and that the supply chain for the Lovelace camps and cities includes functioning teleportation pads.

System of Measurement

For main article see Imperial Measurements

House Triangulum is the keeper of the Empire's system of measurement. Known to ancient humanity as "Metric" and to modern day Imperials as "Imperial". House Triangulum sets this standard for the whole Empire.


For main article see Triangulum Education

Triangulum's oldest saying says 'Knowledge shared is knowledge gained'. The Triangulum Nobles that live by this principle prioritize opening places of education throughout the Empire and beyond.

These schools are often the strictest on the planet, as most of the knowledge taught is usually extracullicular or higher level knowledge when compared to other schools. The highly scientific society of Habitat One teaches their primary school level students advanced physics, biology, genetics and chemistry, while on other world this material is high school or college level education.

Still, getting a Triangulum education degree is a measure of success in the Empire, and some of the non-trig schools follow suit and modify their curriculum to match that of the House Triangulum.

Places of Influence

Living in the Empire

Over half of the nobles of House Triangulum live across the entire sector, on various Space Stations or Mobile Construction Platforms (MCP’s) that are present in most of The Empire controlled systems. Some families own and oversee Triangulum Scholastic Institutes located on planets, moons or on the larger satellite facilities. There are hundreds Triangulum nobles in any Imperial metropolis, and dozens or more on an average MCP. Conducting research is a family vocation, but all the facilities will be staffed with commoner scientists and support staff sworn to the House.

As rare as it is, some Triangulum Nobles choose a more politically inclined career, serving as ambassadors. There are plenty of Triangulum Embassies located across the Empire.


Pamita Cha IIII
For main article see Habitat One 

The majestic arcology Habitat One in orbit of the planet Lovelace in the Pamita Cha system (Hex 0205) is regarded as the home of House Triangulum. 

The planet below is a hazardous badland, eaten at by its natively corrosive atmosphere but remains a point of interest for Triangulum of various disciplines because of the ancient technology buried under its surface. While the small dome-camps on the surface serve as research bases examining and excavating the ruins of Triangulum's once glorious pre-scream cities, the majority of the house's population lives and works in orbit. The Lovelacian biosphere has undergone several major changes in relatively small time-spans due to the intervention of Triangulum scientist. Currently the modes of life on the planet consist mainly of microbial specimens, though this was not always the case. Most of the current lifeforms are also the result of samples of native and terran life, heavily modified by human meddling. A summary of these biospheric changes and its diversity can be found here.

Among the hundreds of Triangulum science vessels, two pre-scream ruins also orbit the planet. The system also contains the Sian asteroid belt, and its space station, the Henry Moore, which is inhabited by an eccentric noble who wants to uncover the secrets of the planet nearby.

Dark Secrets

For main article see Dark Secrets

There’s also rumour about the nature of the secrets buried on the surface of Lovelace, stories of forbidden technology long lost and worshippers of ancient arts that are kept at bay for now, but can release a deadly menace should House Triangulum ever let their guard down.

Triangulum Defence

House Guard 

The Orders of Operation, also known as P.E.M.D.A.S., serve as the House Guard for Triangulum. Commanded by the Order of the Brackets they oversee the safety of the House. While accountable to the governing bodies of the House it is not unprecedented for them to act first and seek permission later. Within the recent past only the Fenagh 9 incident has received any sort of backlash, all others having been deemed acceptable.


The Orders are supported in the Pamita Cha system by research and defense stations held in stationary orbit, powered by normal micronized fusion reactors, some of which defy normal orbital mechanics thanks to the virtually endless power available to anchor themselves over their target. These stations cover all positions around every important body within the system of note for various reasons, from protection to experimental weapons facilities. Some rumours indicate that a few of these stations might be operational blacksites, though any such rumours are quashed under quantum encryption and regular rotation of station staff under the guise of keeping troops trained for response to any region that might require aid and research cross-studies designed to aid in the process of designing newer and more advanced tech.



House Triangulum was, like all other Houses, part of an expedition called Constellation. 

The Golden Age

In the Golden Age of The Empire, There were seven orbital stations built over Lovelace. Habitat One was the first one, but the newer ones were the jewels that made the House proud. There were also numerous surface cities on Lovelace, protected with powerful force fields from the corrosive atmosphere of the planet, they provided suitable conditions for work and living of Triangulum Families.

The Scream

All of the cities on the surface were destroyed by The Scream, and many of the great orbital arcologies fell to the surface. Those that did not fall remain derelict in orbit. Of the remaining orbital arcologies, only Habitat One could be salvaged. Since it was the oldest arcology, built onto the hull of the original Colony ship itself, it relied on the least psitech in its infrastructure, and could alone be repaired in time. The remnants of the House took shelter there, and in time, made it their new home.

Empire Returns

The technological advancements made since The Scream allowed the House to make first attempts at returning to the Surface of Lovelace. Once House Vela rediscovered Lovelace and welcomed Triangulum back to The Empire, it became obvious, that the technological gap between the House Triangulum and the rest of The Empire is staggering.

Media facing FAQ

The following is an FAQ that would be given to a PRISM reporter or other such person if one were to interview a media relations person working for House Triangulum. This shouldn't be considered the full truth of Triangulum's stances or practices.

How do I Create a Triangulum NPC

To create your own Triangulum character see Create a Triangulum Noble.

What titles are used?
Our naming syntax goes <Title><Discipline> Triangulum <Surname><Given Name>

The noble titles used by the house are Lord/Lady/Liege, Grand, Elder, Atriarch, and Pythagoras.

Lord/Lady/Liege are the common titles each Triangulum noble is assumed to possess with Liege being gender neutral. These titles are typically only used when dealing with nobles from other houses. Grand is a title of honour given to those recognized by the Pythagoras for their accomplishments. Elder is a courtesy title given to particularly old Triangulum nobles. Atriarch is a gender neutral title for the head of a Triangulum family. The Pythagoras title refers to individuals who volunteer for service in governing the House.

(If you would like to see examples please check out our culture page.)

Any special greeting?
'May you and your family succeed in all endeavours.' on any occasion.
'Stay curious.' as a farewell.

How would you describe the ideology behind House Triangulum?
House Triangulum is dedicated to expanding our understanding of the cosmos. The House seeks to push the limits of scientific discovery and use that knowledge to improve quality of life throughout the sector. In addition to our scientific pursuits House Triangulum places a strong emphasis on Family and personal freedom.

Why is family important?
Family is what motivates most of us outside of the lab and provides a balance for the work we do. As a House we treasure and protect that.

What does your motto mean?
"Working The Angles" reflects on our continuous effort to understand the universe from all possible perspectives.

What do Triangulum nobles do?
All Triangulum nobles work pushing the limits of scientific understanding. Some Families own Universities, some work on personal projects, while others take work orders and contracts.

What work are you known for?
We are known for terraforming many of the planets in the Empire. The creation of state-of the-art medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. In addition to the production of advanced robotics, and blueprinting for House Reticulum and House Fornax.

We were instrumental in launching Lava Slalom’s Centennial League and bringing the sport back to popularity.

We’ve worked closely with House Aquila to form the Legio Experimentalum, a legion with state of the art prototype gear and combat analysis, to help develop the Empire’s legions, making them more effective and saving imperial lives.

In a more recent collaboration with Trilliant we created uplifted animals that have become quite the craze.

As you can see Houses Triangulum has its fingers in many pies.

What do you do to your dead?
Same as everyone, a Neshmet Lyra prepares them for the After, though the deceased's brain and spinal cord are stored in the Family vaults, the body is cremated and ashes buried under the Family tree in Bistan Tidhkari, in accordance with Triangulum custom.

Where do you live?
More than half of the House lives in the Imperial Core. The atmosphere of Lovelace -our homeworld- is a lethal corrosive maelstrom so there are very few settlements on the surface. Most of the population of the Pamita Cha system live in orbit, in our arcology Habitat One.

What role do the Pythagoras play?
The Pythagoras serve the house. They settle disputes, act as Triangulum representatives, and administer various House level functions. They also run the Maturation Exams, and interpret the convoluted and often impractical particulars of Imperial law into a comprehensive stance the House can follow.

How does your House govern itself?

The top level of authority in House Triangulum are voting members of the Pythagoras. These members’ votes hold ultimate House authority, which they delegate in many cases to various subcommittees. Somewhat confusingly, the Chairs of these subcommittees may also claim the Pythagoras title, though they are not necessarily voting members. While the Pythagoras controls some affairs and resolves disputes, Triangulum’s families are largely left alone to administer their own possessions.

The voting members of the Pythagoras are split into two chambers with unique selection mechanisms. The members of the Hawon constitute the majority of voting members, and are selected randomly from a pool of eligible and willing volunteers. The only necessary qualification to volunteer is to pass one’s Maturation Exam. Each member of the second chamber, the Committee of Grant, holds the single seat to which their Family is entitled.

But what is the stance as a House for the imperial election? 
The sooner we get an Emperox, the better. Civil war is the worst possible outcome for everyone. As a result we have announced a candidate for the election.

What is the House’s agenda?
In the current state of upheaval House Triangulum firmly believes that we can lead the Empire into a new Golden Age. With Triangulum reasoning and logic at the helm of the Empire we will raise the sector to new heights. With the resources of the Imperial House our advanced robotics and automation will solve the labour crisis, and increase quality of life throughout the sector.

What about synths? Your house created them. 
We did not create or manufacture Synths. The most talented AI focused Triangulum Families assisted House Cygnus with programming and as a result they are all dead.

How does House Triangulum treat its serfs?

We prefer the word commoner in the Pamita Cha system. These individuals serve the nobility like they do throughout the Empire but their service looks different in our advanced society. Menial tasks on Habitat One and other Triangulum facilities are taking care of with automation and robotics. As a result, Triangulum commoners are more educated and technically inclined than other populations in the sector. Their treatment varies by Family.

How does a Triangulum serf leave the House’s service?

House Triangulum invests heavily in its sworn commoners and pays for all the education they receive. Due to the current labour crisis the House is loath to part with their service, but they can be found throughout the sector serving contracts. Despite this there are a few ways individuals can leave the House.

1. They are travelling with a noble and get misplaced.

2. They “extricate” themselves from Triangulum service, which usually involves outside assistance.

3. They pay off the student loans their education would have incurred.

4. Their debt of service to House Triangulum is paid off as a reward for a great achievement.

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