House Fornax is one of The Houses Major alongside House Crux and House Vela. The House is based on Maja, a world that was always almost uninhabitable but rendered even worse by the mining and forges House Fornax built there.

Characteristics of House Fornax

Ancient and venerable, House Fornax is known for inventing the modern spike drive, building the ships that use it, and establishing the first Imperial colonies in the sector. They are viewed as very high-class, verging on arrogance or haughtiness in their behavior. House Fornax takes responsibility not only for the construction of Imperial ships and mechs, but also the training of the mechanics and engineers that service them.

House Fornax is ruled by an oligarchy of representatives from all the branches of the House known as the Senate.


The planet that Fornax calls home is Maja in system 0505, Imperial Prime. All of the Points of Interest, Tags and Planetary details can be found there.


House Fornax, being the House responsible for building the Imperial Fleets, has continually created new ship designs.


The most commonly spoken language on Maja is Scando-Latin, an odd mix of scandinavian languages, influenced by the noble's Spacelatin. Vocabulary, grammar and even a lot of newer slang are leaning on old Terran languages like Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Aesthetics & Inspiration

Traits: Industrious; Haughty; Stand-offish

Historical Touchstones: Most Serene Republic of Venice; U.S. Gilded Age (1870s - 1900s)

Historical Characters: Mae C. Jemison, Leonardo da Vinci, Wright Brothers

Fictional Characters: Tony Stark (Iron Man), Kaywinnet Lee Frye (Firefly)

Fashion: Futuristic business wear; appealing and sleek work clothes (e.g. spaces suits, power armor); classy, timeless

Musical Influences: Baroque Classical, Disco, Synth-pop, Industrial

Naming Convention & Titles

We have chosen loosely Latin/Roman sounding titles, officially known as S P A C E  L A T I N.

The name format for the House is as follows:

[Title] Fornax [Family Name] [Given Name]

Dominus Fornax Koebel Adam

Current titles in use

Elected, these titles can only be granted by a vote of the Senate
Title Meaning
Orafex Primus/Maximus Speaker of the Senate (communicates with Adam)
Orafex Secundus Backup Speaker of the Senate

The rest of the titles are not unique, feel free to choose any of these, or make up your own.

Title Meaning
Ignus/Igna/Ignex Lord/Lady (masculine, feminine, nonbinary)
Dominus/Domina/Dominex/Domines Head of Family/Household (masculine, feminine, nonbinary, plural neutral)
Prorex/Proregina Viceroy (masculine/nonbinary, feminine)
Scintillus/Scintilla/Scintillex Early childhood care and education (masculine, feminine, nonbinary)
Title Meaning
Denarus/Denara/Denarex Master of Coin/Accounting (masculine, feminine, nonbinary)
Augur Historia Archive and record keeping
Augur Iuris Lawyer
Augur Publica Public relations
Fornifex Manager of the Fornicators Psiball team
Title Meaning
Machinafex Master Engineer (lit. Machine builder); Engineer that hasn't chosen a speciality (yet)
Armifex Mech builder
Navifex Ship builder
Ferrifex Battleship builder
Cordifex Spike drive specialist (literally, “heart-maker”)
Simulfex Systems Integration (Interfacing Other Factions' Equipment/Systems On Fornax Designs)
Aedificator Ships Interior Designer
Ponerefex Ship and shipyard maintenance
Princeps Test Pilot (lit. First); The first to pilot the ships/mechs
Emendator The repair teams and salvaging crews
Artaefex Robotics engineer
Urbifex Civil engineer and city designer
Motifex Ground- and atmosphere-based vehicle design
Title Meaning
Domines-Dux Admiral/Military Leader of some kind
Decanus Security for Senate and Nobles
Navarch Captain of one or more ships
Praefectus Chief of Security of Dock(s)

Database of Current Senators

If you are done with the name making, please register yourself in the House Fornax Senate Database.

Notable House Members

Elected Representatives
Function Senator
Orafex-Primus (Faction rep to Adam) Domina Fornax Naupegus Ludova
Orafex-Secundus Machinafex Fornax O'Shea Lasair

Official House points of contact are being re-evaluated and will be added back here ASAP.

For information pertaining to the House Fornax Emperox Election Campaign, please contact one of the following representatives.

  • Dominex Fornax Anesidora Clodius: Head of Fornax Release Document Information.
  • Augur Iuris Fornax Alfsson Janus: Head of Fornax Speech Documentation.
  • Augur Iuris Fornax Astril Vesh: Q&A Information.
  • Artaefex Fornax Selekai Aleria: Q&A Information.

Additional Resources

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