House Eridanus is one of the seven Houses that form the Minor Houses of The Empire. Eridanus oversees trade dealings, taxes and finance, and also manages the Imperial treasury.

Role in the Empire

The great and noble House Eridanus has served the Empire since the beginning. The House has, since time immemorial, served as the loyal and trusted exchequers, financiers, collectors of the Imperial tithes, and is the only house trusted to protect and maintain the accounts of the Imperial throne. Eridanus is the Treasurer to the Emperox. Furthermore, of all the Houses Minor. Eridanus has historically maintained the closest and most productive relationship with the various non-noble entities, with special economic relationships with The Trilliant Ring and A.C.R.E within The Empire.


The Vaultkeeper

The Vaultkeeper is the overall leader of Eridanus. The position is a hereditary title given to the head of the 'Eridanus Family' who are the keepers of the imperial bank. Whilst they have no direct power over the Triumvirate or the operation of the Triumvirii's individual offices, the Vaultkeeper and their family oversee the operations of the house and all documentation towards the bank must pass through them. Also known as Vaultkeeper Eridanus Eridanus, the Eridanus family claims to trace their lineage back to the original settlers who established House Eridanus within the sector. The previous Eridanus Emperox, Empress Eridanus Juliana, was the Vaultkeeper before her anointment.


The three leaders of House Eridanus work together as a Triumvirate. The Trivox, Taxarch, and Transactos serve as the heads of finance/diplomacy/lore, tax/debts, and trade divisions, respectively. Each of these roles oversees larger departments within Eridanii government that handle with various aspects of the day to day running of the House and its territories. Elections for this position happen regularly with various political parties vying for control.

Political Parties

The Three Major Parties are The Party for Sovereign Identity (PSI/Blues), the Party for Non-Irresponsible Debt Aquisition (PNIDA), and The Luminous Tide (TLT). Several minor parties such as Friends of the Sky Whales, Conglomerate of Business Interests, and the Assembly of Non-Interventionists are not currently nor likely will have candidates in the Triumvirate.

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The generic title for any Eridanii noble or landowner on Tiber is Count or Countess. It may mean they do not specialize in any one occupation or that they do not have a role in government. In urban areas demesne of a Count may include several neighborhoods or even a small city but in rural regions, an entire river valley may be an Eridanii county.


Viscount is the generic title for lesser Eridanii nobles, they own land and have the same legal rights as a Counts but are more likely to be the vassal of another. Often Viscounts are lords of a single city block or maybe the castellans of a modest estate in the country.

An extensive list of other titles exist on House Eridanus Titles

Bankers and Bureaucrats

Eridanii as the keepers of the Eridanus Imperial Bank are expert lenders and keen scholars of financial law and theory. The Office of the Trivox, although most visibly the public face and diplomatic wing of the house, are keen recorders of contracts and financial dealings. The house is the premier loan authority in the sector and oversees inter-noble loans and the Trivox licenses out a limited right to offer loans to corporations loyal to the Empire.

Offices subject to the Trivox

Title Description
Scrivox The Scrivox work as a team of 2-4 under the Office of the Trivox and serve mainly as record-keepers and lore-masters for the entire house. Any member may seek to enter an article or item into the official record of house lore but only the lore maintained by the Scrivox is deemed legitimate and correct.
Archevox The Archevox are the record keepers of the Empire. Their job is to go around the sector, gathering and cataloging data to make sure the empire is running efficiently, keeping archives of each year per planet to make sure everything is in order.

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Triffox The Triffox serve immediately under the Trivox, working as financial advisers and diplomats.
Artifex The Artifex serves jointly as marketer of House Eridanus as well as the propagandist for the house. The Artifex creates and publishes the image that the House desires to portray. Their work is greatly appreciated and applauded for its creativity and unique output. Furthermore, the Artifex can take it upon themselves to improve House Eridanus’ image by countering anti-Eridanus imagery and propaganda that arises from the House’s rivals.

Duty to Taxation

House Eridanus is most well-known for their role as the taxmen of the sector. It is a simplistic view of the Office of the Taxarch’s responsibilities but in a way is accurate. The Imperial coffers need filling for the Emperox to exercise God’s will and House Eridanus is duty bound to assist in gathering tax revenue for the treasury.

House Eridanus lacks the legal power to set taxation rates for imperial levies but advises the Emperox on sound fiscal policy. With the Emperox’s sound judgment, the Office of the Taxarch collects tax revenue from planetary governments across the empire. Often the house is contracted by planetary governments to write and enforce tax codes on the planet’s behalf. A complex system of tradition, obligation, expertise, reprisals, and recognition of the efficiency of the Eridanii bureaucracy keeps many planets closely liked with the Taxarch and their officers.

Unwarranted animosity has built up over the years, whereby House Eridanus is villainized for simply executing the will of the Emperor and ensuring the stability of the sector.

Offices subject to the Taxarch

Title Description
Arbiter The Arbiter is an appointed official who oversees any and all tax disputes, typically with the other noble houses and corporations within the Empire
Exchequer An individual responsible for collecting taxes from both Eridanii citizens and imperial citizens at large


Technological support, IT services, and software development and maintenance

The officials who developed the Vassal Coupon Contract.

Taxocryptarch They are tax specialists who complete tax returns for categories of nobles that pose diplomatic or job-specific risks of evasions. This includes diplomats to House Eridanus, members of the Synedrium and niche jobs that involve tax work (such as Neshmets), as well as anyone who works on operation or maintenance of the HEX system.

Trade and Profit

Aside from their role as tax collectors, many Eridanii supplement or even thrive off the profits they derive from trade. Some families, such as the Opolens or Strodiz family, own vast trade fleets and use contacts made from all factions to ensure their ships are not only full but also protected from all but the most daring of pirates. The Office of the Transactos efficiently delegates and organizes both logistics of trade and the regulation of it.

Eridanus provides transport of a variety of goods and materials, such as the tools and weapons of war constructed on the forge planets of Maja and Aomori that require safe and quick transport to the militaristic bases of House Aquila, the luxuries created by The Trilliant Ring, and the unique trade offerings of House Pyxis. The centralized location of House Eridanus’s homeworld Tiber within the sector provides a natural trade hub.

The Eridanii are far from scrupulous when it comes to trade matters and will trade and transport all but the most illegal substances of The Empire. As trade envoys and tax collectors, House Eridanus can offer the best prices and the transport of questionable items past authorities that might otherwise stop other merchants.

Offices subject to the Transactos

Title Description
Quant/Quantess The Quants or Quantesses of the house serve as analysts and market experts for the office of the Transactos. These members compile market information, sales, and trade deals as well as keep an eye on the news and current events to predict and set trends and prices. The prized tools of Quanta are the DELPHI computer systems.
Acquisitos The Acquisitos are the private military of the Eridanii. Though low in numbers, they are specially trained by the according academy (Such as the Aquilan's) in order to protect. They serve as guards to high ranking Eridanii nobles and as officers in the Tiberian Planetary Militia. The TPM is rarely deployed offensively but notably were called to the front during the War Against the Artificials.
Celestious Celestious are the Eridanii pilots. Similar to the military they are very limited in numbers but trained in order to be effective at the job they must carry out.
Educatos Educatos deal in trading Eridanii Education to improve trade in the sector by making sure business owners know their tax and trade obligations. Less cost in exchequing if the businesses know their obligation. It’s also a highly profitable business in its own right, that pays its tax back to the imperial treasury, directly to the Vaultkeeper
Regulatos Eridanus Regulatos oversee the implementation of trade laws and regulations throughout the Empire. Anywhere a trade deal is going to be signed, implemented, or executed these individuals are there. While not responsible for making the law, these individuals enforce strict adherence to the codes and customs --Their paperwork is always filed in triplicate.

Goods and Services of House Eridanus

Tiber is a natural producer of many tropical plants and through their many roles the government of the house also enables several services. Below is a list of the multitude of the house.

Clandestine Eridanii

The Margin Scheme

The so-called Margin Scheme is a secretive organization within House Eridanus, operating as a catch-all deniable asset to be called upon in extreme circumstances. The "margin" refers to the margin of error present in Eridanii financial and census documentation. This margin of error accounts for both the funds allocated for the Margin Scheme's use, as well as its recruitment pool, Eridanii nobles who have been officially pronounced dead. Members communicate in the field using a haptic Morse code transmitted via plain, black wristwatches. The Margin Scheme has been known to be involved in scouting, espionage, assassination (although quite rare), and recovery of high priority assets.

The Tax Breachers

Subversive and self-serving, the implacable Eridanii mafia, The Tax Breachers work behind the scenes in Eridanii government to advance their own. They manipulate and skirt the law in search of money and power. Rumor has it that at least one member of the Triumvirate is a Tax Breaker. They are experts in fraud, racketeering, extortion and all other types of financial crime.

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Children of their Imperial Duties and their luscious tropical home-world of Tiber, the Eridanii have rich traditions that span near a thousand years. While some things such as faith are private matters within Eridanii society; other facets of life within House Eridanus space are highly structured and followed by all members no matter their status or wealth bracket.

Much of the traditions of House Eridanus are centralized around their worldview of debt. Eridanii marriage, funeral traditions, vassal contracts, and even sport are all influenced by the practical financial concerns of the penny-wise house.

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Eridanii NPC’s

Viscount Eridanus Theodorou Douglas – Poor lord on Echo's moon down on his luck.

Empress Eridanus Eridanus Juliana – The Second Emperox of Acheron Rho

Taxarch Eridanus Eridanus Ricardo  – Husband to The Mother of Mercy

Quant Eridanus Alexander Espesen - Attaché to the selectors of the Comptroller on Imperial Prime.



House Eridanus was among the first peoples to civilize the sector during The War for Human Prosperity

2215 – Eridanus Constellation Ships assisted in the founding of the Empire.

2216 – Formation of the noble House Eridanus

2217 –Eridanus Imperial Bank is formed and provided a safe-haven for the Emperox’s finances

2226 – Tiber is colonized. House Eridanus was told that the jungles would do more harm than good but through ruthless efficiency and a disregard for serf life, they eked out an existence along the river in a town later called Tiberium.

2315 – Empress Eridanus Eridanus Juliana was anointed as the Second Emperox of Acheron Rho

2415 – Empress Juliana’s fiscal policies provided the way for The Golden Age of Acheron Rho. She was succeeded by the enigmatic Emperox Diomikato.

Post Scream

2668 – Sub-light-speed travel was quickly re-developed after The Scream and a period of intermarriage cultural mingling blossomed with the noble House Reticulum of Aomori

2698 – With the arrival of House Vela Navigators Eridanus was reunited with the Empire however, the Alvero System was still left isolated before more widespread use of Drive ships and accurate mapping of save drive-lanes created the modern empire in 2792.

2806 – A.C.R.E splits from House Eridanus. Nobles fed up with the squabble over the holy throne of the Emperox, divested themselves of their nobility and formed a new corporate entity on Demnoph.

2874 – A HEX Crash ruined the local economy and building projects were left half complete. The city of Tiberium was lost to economic ruin, and Tyr was made the new capital of Eridanus’ homeworld.

2875 – The Vaultkeeper of Eridanus was assassinated and Legate Aquila Alejandra Ari] took on revenge for our house, during this war, the vast trade ships and logistical expertise were at the disposal of the one later known as the Blood Eagle.

2902-2955 – Despite her ascension to the seat of the Emperox, The Blood Eagle was not well liked, a second civil war raged. House Eridanus was outwardly neutral to supportive of the Blood Eagle, seeking the divine stability of a duly elected Emperox, factions within the House waged covert war for power and credits.

3168 – The Titans psiball team are bought from House Aquila and are rebranded The Tiber Titans.

3175 – Growing support for psiball among Tiberian commoners leads to the formation of the Tyrian Warlocks.

3185 – House Eridanus declares open war against the Cygnus Emperor, Betrayer of Humanity.

3200 – House Eridanus with the other Houses Minor rally behind the defense of Diomikato and threaten war against A.C.R.E and the Sector Trade Organization (STO).

Messages, Missives, and Memos

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Extended Universe NPC’s

Taxarch Eridanus Division 8A Paragraph 79 Subsection (c)

Trivox Eridanus Morala Sia

Arbiter Eridanus Stordiz Xavier

Texarch Eridanus Pecunia Samson

Archevox Eridanus Strix Vulpine

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