House Cygnus was one of the four Houses Major, and served as the Imperial House from 3162 to 3198. Upon House Crux's discovery that they planned to seize sole power over The Empire, the House was purged, records expunged, and homeworld decimated in a bloody civil war against the other ten Noble Houses.

History of House Cygnus

When humanity arrived in Acheron Rho House Cygnus was responsible for the seed ships that carried biological samples from Earth. These samples were used to terraform and feed new planets and habitats.

3162-3198 EMPEROX IX, The Cygnus Emperox, Betrayer of Humanity

The Emperox was killed by a House Serpens assassin, who remains in the custody of the High Church.

A.C.R.E was heavily invested in House Cygnus and used huge amount of synthetic labor in their factories, farms, and offices. As such, took an almost crippling hit financially when the House burned.


House Cygnus helped usher in a golden age of humanity through the use of Synthetic Humans: gene-engineered vatgrown humans that served as a vast pool of additional labor for The Empire. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Noble Houses, Cygnus had also implanted subliminal kill-commands that, upon activation, would allow the synths to become violent, mindblanked soldiers that would overthrow the other Noble Houses and place Cygnus permanently upon the Imperial Throne.

Synthetic Human Registry System

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A System was implemented by House Cygnus for the registering of all manufactured Synthetic Humans. Much of the information in their registries was destroyed during the war, but some records still remain.