House Crux is one of three Houses Major, alongside House Fornax and House Vela. It was formed over a thousand years ago from the crew of the colony ship Crux and its Imperial Trust of the Judiciary has solidified its place as a House Major for the entire millennium.

House Crux, the Cross

For a thousand years, the name of House Crux has been synonymous with order, stability, and the rule of law. It is an ancient and powerful House, formed in the earliest days of the Empire to safeguard its people from internal threats. Its role has changed little since the Golden Age of the Empire, but after the destruction of House Cygnus and the assassination of the Emperor, Crux finds itself at the forefront of Imperial politics once again, set to place a third Crux Emperox upon the throne. In these troubled and chaotic times, House Crux seeks to ensure the ascension of their Emperox by keeping the Empire strong, stable, and united.

Peacekeepers of the Empire

All police, including members of other Houses who enter the service, are trained in official academies administered directly by House Crux. Local law enforcement may exist outside the umbrella of House Crux oversight, but these are considered security, not police. Impersonating a police officer is a serious crime and can net individuals stiff sentences and public humiliation. All police are answerable to House Crux authority while in the line of duty, and while Crux accepts local trainees, the majority of police in Acheron Rho, from beat cops to senior detectives, are members or trusted serfs of House Crux.

Imperial Law Enforcement

Across the Empire, law enforcement personnel are trained and overseen by House Crux. The lower echelon of law enforcement is typically comprised of serfs, with high-ranking positions being reserved for Crux nobility.

The capital cities of core worlds have a larger presence of Crux nobility such as Inquisitors and Cathars, who handle crimes of a higher magnitude than their serf counterparts. The standard is such that serf crimes are dealt with by serf officers, and noble crimes are dealt with by noble officers. Exceptions occur, but it is generally considered to be insulting if a noble is investigated by a serf officer, regardless of if that noble is a victim or a perpetrator.

The influence and reach of House Crux spreads far and wide, their tireless dedication to uphold their mandate of keeping the peace throughout the Empire can be felt wherever you go, from the streets of the core worlds to the mycoprotein farms at the edge of the Empire.

The Crucian Defense Fleet

In the wake of the War against the Artificials, the Crucian Defense Fleet is but a pale shadow of its former self, though far from obsolete. A strong presence is upheld in the heart of the Empire to keep the core worlds secure, while detachments of 1-3 cruisers are often sent to the far reaches of Imperial Space to maintain order.

The typical ship House Crux ship is more akin to a multi-purpose mobile constabulary or police cruiser (such as the Elanus-Model HCS 167 Meters of Pure Jurisprudence), rather than a warship. Delegations from many of the noble houses are assigned to serve on these ships alongside Crux, whether as support staff or as part of boots-on-the-ground joint task forces.

Warships used to be a larger tool in House Crux’s arsenal, particularly during the time of the Blood Eagle. The most prominent class of ships at the time were the Cuirassier-Class frigates, of which only 3 remain today. The HCS Vengeance is the most renowned of the surviving frigates, captained by Feldherr Crux Geier Berathram.

The Absolute Arbiters of the Law

House Crux bears the burden of law in all respects. Not only are they entrusted with the enforcement of the law, they also handle and settle legal disputes. House Crux trains and directs the Richters (Judges) and the Anwalts (Lawyers), and control the courts.

When conflict arises in matters of law, House Crux takes charge. Whether it’s money laundering by an Eridanii, black-market map sales by a Velan, the impersonation of a Lyran Hekate, etc.; House Crux handles the ultimate arbitration.


House Crux is organized in the service of the Prince of Crux, the hereditary leader and monarch of the House. Acting in an advisory role to the sovereign is the Prince's Council, a body of the faction’s most renowned nobles and figures whom on the Prince's behalf organize the day-to-day operations of the House, with all decisions deferred to His Highness's will.

Seldom, however, does the Prince deign to step into the Council's chambers, and as such, the Council is the de facto ruling body of the faction.

In order to carry out it's Imperial Mandate of the Law across the Empire, House Crux is assembled in a tripartite order consisting of the Primeborn, the landowning nobility who act as the planetary governors of House Crux and its attendant districts, the Department of the Judiciary; responsible for the Empire's laws and the House Guard who serve as the House's private military.

For a more in-depth look into the organization of House Crux and it's titles see House Crux Organisation.

Special Operations

NULL Division

The NULL Division of House Crux is dedicated to the investigation, isolation, elimination, and prevention of maltech and extranormal phenomena that pose an existential threat to humanity. When technology goes too far or when the unexplainable needs explaining; NULL Division is on the case.


The House Crux Operations Unit STRAFE is a dedicated counterterrorism and special ops organization of the Order of Operations, alternatively titled S.T.R.A.F.E., though the meaning behind the acronym is unknown, is one of the primary special operations units of House Crux, headquartered on Camp Fallthorne, Hiera.

Family and the C.O.A.T.

Families in House Crux are large and ancient, even when compared to the other noble Houses. It is fairly uncommon to know by name even half of one’s extended family, as the tripartite split of the House requires many non-inheriting children to stock the Judiciary and Law Enforcement. This leads to countless uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces scattered all across the sector. With the increased survivability of families due to their size, every major Crux family can trace its line far into the dim and distant past, long before the Scream.

House Crux's large family structure does not lend itself well to any sort of family leadership, and as a result, the fate of children is typically up to the parents. The rearing of children in House Crux generally falls into two separate paths- one for the primary inheritors (Primeborn), and one for the secondary non-inheritors (Promiseborn).

All noble children, regardless of inheritance status, must complete the Crux Ordeal for Attainment of Title, a coming of age ceremony that takes place when the child is 16 years of age.

For more information on education within House Crux, see Crucian Education.

The Hieran Language

Members of House Crux speak to one another in Hieran, a language based around German with many loan-words and influences from Latin, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic. It is a harsh, graceless language, often mocked for its unpleasantness. Nobles, of course, can speak Imperial without an accent, and many learn various languages such as Latin and Common Lyric. Crux serfs, on the other hand, speak with heavy Hieran accents if they speak Imperial at all.

Common Proverbs and Sayings:

"Unsr’ahml." Ours to bear.

"Recht sahf komm." Justice will come.

"Gott mit-mas." God is with us.


The planet that Crux calls home is Hiera. All of the Points of Interest, Tags and Planetary details can be found there.

Historical Records

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Officer Booker Greaves

Notable NPCs

HCS 167 Meters of Pure Jurisprudence

Extended Universe Characters

HCS Adjudicator - A clunker of a patrol ship, one of the oldest in the fleet. It patrols the Imperial border, just waiting to be decommissioned.