Line of Succession

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The Age of Colonization

2200 - Constellation ships arrive in Acheron Rho

2200 - The first colony on 0505A is founded

The War for Human Prosperity

2205 - First Contact with Aliens in this sector

2206 - The War for Human Prosperity begins

2215 - The Alien Peace Treaties are signed, ending the War

Dawn Of The Empire

2215 - The founding of The Empire

2215 - Crowning of Emperox I

2216 - The formalization of the Noble Houses

2217 - The Eridanus Imperial Bank is formed

2217 - The Ascension of the High Church

2218 - The declaration of the Soul of Humanity

The Golden Age

An Age of Glory and Exploration, When Everything Was Great and Nobody Was Ever Sad About Anything Except House Lyra Because They Like Being Sad

The Dark Ages

2665 - The Scream

The Rebuilding

2671 - House Fornax reinvents the modern Spike Drive

2671 - House Vela begins construction on The Great Library Server

2792 - House Vela unveils the finished map of Acheron Rho

The First Imperial Civil War

2804 - A Mild Disagreement over who gets to be The Emperox

2806 - ACRE Corporation splits from the Imperial Bank

The Rise of The Blood Eagle

2901 - A new Emperox is crowned (House Aquila)

Main article: The Blood Eagle

The Second Imperial Civil War

2902 - The formation of PRISM as Conséc

2903 - The formation of the Council of Houses

2905 - Conséc completes Project SIGNET.

2932 - Formation of the Deathless

2955 - The Death of The Blood Eagle Under Mysterious Circumstances

The New Empire

2960 - The Accords of Peace are ratified

2961 - The Houses Major and The Houses Minor are established

2962 - A new Emperox is crowned (House Lyra)

Main article: The Masked Emperox

2964 - Formal Agreement for Noble Grievance is established

2969 - Formation of the Church of Humanity

3000 - The first game of Psiball is played

Main article: Psiball

3006 - Reveal of Fu Xi, the first Synthetic Human

Main article: Synthetic Human

3014 - The Trilliant Ring officially incorporates

3051 - The Acheron Rho Psiball League is founded

3062 - A New Emperox is crowned (House Vela)

Main article: The Shining Star

3120 - House Vela and House Pyxis split

Main article: Vela-Pyxis Split

3162 - A New Emperox is crowned (House Cygnus)

Main article: Betrayer of Humanity

The War Against the Artificials

3177 - House Crux reveals The Cygnus Plot to Seize Power

3178 - The beginning of the War Against the Artificials

3179 - The fall of House Cygnus

3180 - The start of the Hong Lu Revolt

Main article: Hong Lu Revolt

3180 - The Bombing of Gats Begins

3181 - The UPC Officially/Unofficially formed

The UPC was formed in an event known as The White Orchid Assembly Hall Meeting.

3182 - House Cygnus relocates to Imperial Prime

3184 - The declaration that Synthetics Are Not Human

3185 - The Houses Major and The Houses Minor all join the war

3195 - “House” Vagrant is formed

3198 - The Death of the House Cygnus Emperor at the hands of a Serpens Assassin

3198 - End of the Hong Lu Revolt

3199 - The Serpens Assassin turns themself over to The Church

3199 - The High Church declares 3201 a Year of Ascension

The Common Era

3200 - Present Day, Present Time

3200 - The Exigo of House Vela

3201 - The naming of the Imperial House