The Free Commerce Initiative is a loose confederation of groups seeking the enfranchisement of low-born entrepreneurs and merchants. Their primary goal is break the monopoly that Vela holds on navigation, by that way allowing the commoner to once again travel and do business on their own fair wage to bring prosperity to the sector.


Most members are lowborn yet well off administrators, teamsters and managers, the middle classes chafing under the arrogance of the bluebloods and the paranoia of the church. Nothing would please them more than the destruction of the god-given order, allowing the individual to shape the future through the sweat of their brow and the force of their virtue!

Once we level the playing field, everyone will be able to prove their worth in society and trickle down prosperity to even the lowest of the low. Free humanity from both the chains of hierarchy and collectivism, do not shackle them to bureaucracy and regulation!

Key Figures