Loyalty to the people, loyalty to the collective

The Committee of Collective Security (CCS) is the information gathering arm of UPC. Directorate operatives and moles are embedded in organizations throughout the sector. Some are sympathetic to the cause while others have been "recruited" through blackmail, bribes, and the threat of violence.

The CCS internally lacks any agenda and is assiduously neutral. Although its operatives tend to be of a more practical bent than many of the more philosophical members. Amongst themselves, operatives will sometimes derisively refer to other UPC members prone to philosophizing as "sophies".

Titles and Roles

Mouth of the CCS. The mouth is responsible for being the outfacing leader of the CCS. They are well known within the UPC for their nonpartisan attitudes. Internally they are responsible for mediating between the other sections of the committee.

Fist of the CCS. The fist compared to the mouth, is responsible for the overarching security of the UPC. The fist leads the section of the CCS devoted to interrogations, as well as being responsible for counter-espionage

Eyes of the CCS. The eyes are the least known about role within the CCS. Their sole responsibility is maintaining the security and safety of the embedded operatives and moles who report to the CCS. Communication between the CCS and the eyes is performed through secretive drop boxes and dummy comm lines.