The Democratic-Revolutionary Front is a radical organization within the UPC whose mission statement is the disbanding of the Imperial system of governance, abolishment of the noble class and establishing a sector-wide voluntary democracy of the People.


The DRF was founded when some particularly extremist elements of the Planetary Liberation Front broke away from the organization based on personal misalignment or ideological disagreements. The main source of tensions was the PLF's insistence on planetary sovereignty, whereas founding members of the DRF believe that a sector-wide democratic government ensuring unity and cooperation between planets is a much more desirable goal. However, they still insist that a democracy must by definition be made up of free and willing participants, in accordance with the PLF's idea of personal freedom, and would therefore allow for worlds unwilling to participate in the larger state to maintain autonomy or sovereignty. The DRF is also much more vocal in their criticism of the ruling elites and oppressors and quicker to advocate violent response.

Ideology and goals


DRF recruitment propaganda

The Democratic-Revolutionary Front is opposed to the Imperial system of governance and any form of institutionalized inequality. They strive to achieve a sector-wide democracy in which the People themselves have the right to decide the future system of governance and wealth distribution. Their proposed way to achieve that is the creation of a parlimentary body for which representatives of the disparate subfactions of the UPC and any other democratic parties are selected in free elections, whereupon the elected body constructs the basis for the future law-making process.

While much of the membership is left-leaning, the Front takes no official stance on matters of the economy or other aspects of the organization of society after the downfall of the nobility, believing that the People themselves are the only ones with the authority to decide such matters once the time comes.

The DRF views the High Church and Noble Houses as irredeemable and as oppressors of the common people. While individuals may atone for their contribution to the system of exploitation by joining the cause, the organizations as whole must be eliminated. Any priesthood of Emperor as Messiah and nobility who had not forsaken their privileges are complicit in crimes against humanity and a fair target in retributory action.

External relations

While the DRF is in agreement with most of the Planetary Liberation Front's ideology, its departure from its parent organization left the relations between the two rather cold. The DRF also agrees with much of Impossibilist Union of Worker Collectives (IUWC) and Agricultural Worker's Union's goals and thus is in good standing with the organizations.

The DRF distrusts the more moderate elements of the UPC as it views them as potential roadblocks and dissidents in the face of what the DRF sees as necessary actions in service of the Revolution, such as targeted violence against the nobility.

Notable Members