Officer Crux Greaves Booker, played by Max Gonzalez (Gassy Mexican), is a seasoned member of the Judicial Enforcement Service of House Crux. He currently serves on the HCS 167 Meters of Pure Jurisprudence as the leader of a specialised task force, comprised of several Crux personnel and delegates from House Serpens, House Fornax, and ACRE.

Traits and Appearance

  • Age: Mid to late 40's
  • Height: 5'11''
  • Physical Description: Somewhat muscular build, green eyes, dirty-blond faded military haircut with 3 slits on the side as the fade goes down, slightly wrinkled, a little bit of a grizzly look about him, fairly well kept, minor patch jobs on wounds gained from service
  • Typical Clothes: Old tattered uniform, House Crux sigil faded and grimy, badge tucked away


Unlike many of his peers, Booker Greaves values competency over nobility, and has a short fuse for overly "Holier than thou" nobles.

Booker has an intense dedication to his career, and to the Crux ideals of peace and justice. Some might say he is the image of what a Crux should be, rather than what they currently are. His level of tolerance towards non-nobles is unusually high, as can be seen in his interactions with Limmar Riley.

Big fan of Robot Wars.

Early Life & Education

The following information is provisional and subject to changes by Max Gonzalez

Like the vast majority of House Crux members do, Booker took and passed the Crux Ordeal for Attainment of Title (“C.O.A.T.”) at age 17. As a Promiseborn destined for a career in the Judicial Enforcement Service (JES), Booker underwent his Clarifications at the Ven City Constabulary College on Hiera. After graduation, Booker entered the Contribution phase of his education, performing minor duties in the field for senior officers and preparing him for integration into full service. Exactly what that meant would soon change drastically, however, as the traitorous plot devised by House Cygnus was revealed and the War against the Artificials had begun.

After the war, Booker’s loyal service earned him a position as leader of a task force on the recently retro-fitted HCS 167 Meters of Pure Jurisprudence.

Character Artwork

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