The Blood Eagle

Though hundreds of years ago, the time of the Aquilan Emperor is known by many to have been a bloody century. The moniker for this leader was, The Blood Eagle. This name isn’t spoken in public or in the company of certain people for fear of insult. The Blood Eagle is known to have relied on intelligence units, like the Quaestionarius Corps, to enforce loyalty to her regime and PRISM is rumored to have formed from a sub-set of these intelligence officers and propagandists.

The Blood Eagle Conspiracy

Within House Aquila it is Taboo to speak of Blood Eagle aloud, such is the shame upon our house. However mutterings of dissent exist, a few of the higher ranking officers within Aquila doubt the tales of mass murder, pillage and genocide. They believe that history has been rewritten by other noble houses in order to prevent an Aquila on the throne. Until recently spoken only in whispers and in shadows, but with house Crux's edited history of Cygnus, the conspirators become more vocal every day.

The Fall of Cygnus and Loss of the Synth

Before the fall of House Cygnus, House Aquila used Synths extensively in almost every aspect of the legions. From front line combat to the the low intensity engineering and logistical work a synth could be seen in every legion. But even in their highest numbers, Synths weren’t a mainstay of every legion. Some legions were made up entirely of Synths, save for the Lorica pilot, whilst others only had syths in low priority roles. Regardless before the crisis it was estimated that Synths made up between 20%-80% of the Aquilian Comitatenses Legion. Therefore fighting during the crisis was extremely widespread with high casualty rates across Imperial space, some of the most prestigious Legions in Empire ceased to exist and their Eagle standards lost. After the conflict, the Legions were left hollow and in desperate need of soldiers to replace both the Synths amongst the ranks who had been removed and those who had been removed by the Synths.

The Convocation

Left leaderless after the death of the emperor, the legates of the imperial military formed a council known as the Convocation to maintain unity of purpose while the throne lies empty. This has been standard practice during interregna ever since the vicious civil wars in the wake of the death of the Blood Eagle.