The Anti Imperial Synth Company is a military company within the UPC. The company consists strictly of synthetic humans who survived the genocide carried out by the Empire. the AISC are led by Captain Tyr Palmborg.  

The AISC, for the most part, lays low and does not interfere with the politics of the UPC as to not draw unwanted attention to the UPC. Although Captain Palmborg generally agrees with the leftist movements of the UPC AISC officially holds no political stance and claims only be another spear in the arsenal of the UPC. The existence of the AISC is not advertised or otherwise talked about within the UPC, they are known amongst the higher rankings of the military elements of UPC. They often carry out stealth missions and other missions that require small teams but can also be seen on the frontlines alongside other military organizations as The Communist Front and the Democratic-Revolutionary Front

The AISC regard House Crux as their biggest enemy since they were the engineers of the genocide of the synths. Second comes the ones whom used the synths for slave labour such as House Fornax and the A.C.R.E. corporation. Although these thoughts stay within the AISC as they claim only to do the military bidding of the UPC. 


AISC was formed by Captain Tyr Palmborg, a former captain in the Imperial legion whom narrowly escaped the genocide with a small group of synth soldiers under his command. They quickly went into hiding and in their newly found hatred for the empire, they founded a paramilitary group that later would join the UPC under the name the Anti Imperial Synth Company. 

Military Structure

The AISC has kept almost all of the military structure they had within the Imperial legions and currently consist of eight sections led by one lieutenant each. The Sierra group run by Lt. Eponine.