Amiheim is the former capital city of Diomikato and House Aquila until the fall of Empress Aquila Alejandra Ari. The Red City, as it is often called, was destroyed during the Second Imperial Civil War and lies in ruin to this day - a grim reminder of the darkest period in Aquilan history. Today, Amiheim is sometimes referred to as the Bloody Ruins in certain circles.


Travelers are known to visit the Red City to see the few remaining landmarks and to bear witness to the site where history was made. All travelers must be processed through Checkpoint Alpha, which is garrisoned by a single centuria of Legio Lux. The soldiers stationed here are responsible for monitoring the city and ensuring the ruins are not unduly disturbed.

Imperial Aeire

The once great palace of Aquilan empress was the seat of the Aerie - the Empress’ council of advisors. The building was comprised of a semi-circular chamber, with benches facing a grand pedestal that once sat the Blood Eagle’s throne. Now the building sits damaged beyond repair from the war and years of disuse; it has become a shadow of its former glory, all finery having been removed and the chamber left to ruin.

Imperial Gardens

Once a jewel in the crown of Aquila, the Imperial Garden contained many of the native species of Diomikato and select specimens imported from off-world. Since the city’s abandonment, the garden has been left to grow wild giving Amiheim a small patch of life in the otherwise desolate ruins. In the centre of the garden sits an obsidian plinth where a statue once stood, but no markings remain to inform whose likeness once stood upon it.

Imperial Academy

The Imperial Academy of Amiheim was once the finest military academy in the sector, but like the rest of the city it is now severely damaged and falling apart. The grounds of the academy saw some of the fiercest fighting and was one of the last strongholds of resistance after the Blood Eagle died. The academy has since been replaced by the Academia Ardenti Arbitrium , which was once set to be an expansion of the Imperial Academy.

Eagle's Talon

Sitting dead centre in the ruins of the Red City, is the hull of the gigantic capital ship that was once the pride of all Aquilans. The mighty hulk was once known as the ILS Eagle's Talon, the infamous battleship that was personally used by Empress Alejandra Ari during the height of her reign. The ship was brought down in the climax of the Second Imperial Civil War during the Siege of Diomikato, and was what ultimately destroyed the city. Since then the former capital ship has been left to sit like a spear in the middle of the ruined city.

House Aquila

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