The Almu Gerbia System is located in Hex #0000 in the Acheron Rho sector.

Almu Gerbia (system)



Asteroid Belt

(917) Arago

Occupation:Survivors of destroyed asteroid base

Situation:Foreign spy ships hide there

Asteroid Base

Emma Dean 1

Occupation:Zealous religious sectarians

Situation:Hit a priceless vein of ore

Llanesco 4

Occupation:Zealous religious sectarians

Situation:Life support is threatened

Refueling Station

Bled 5

Occupation:Extortionate corporate minions

Situation:Deep-space alien signal

Refueling Station

Valverde 8

Occupation:Religious missionaries to travelers

Situation:Foreign saboteurs are active

Research Base

Santaca 5

Occupation:Alien studying the human locals

Situation:Science monsters run amok