History as the Agricultural Workers Union

The Agricultural Workers Union was initially founded as a trade union of farmers and other agricultural workers employed by A.C.R.E. The relationship was healthy for a time. However, when the labor shortages came conditions worsened and AWU declared a massive strike which shut down all production on the world for weeks. A.C.R.E. responded in kind. Security teams where dispensed to disperse protesters and remove the union leadership from the equation. The less radical elements of the union bent to A.C.R.E. pressure, and are now responsible for settling petty grievances between the workers and management, while the more militant elements went underground to become the AWU (RF).

As the Agricultural Workers Union (Raised Fist)

A poster found in an AWU (RF) controlled village.The Agricultural Workers Union (Raised Fist) is the militant splinter group of the AWU which fled to the most remote sections of the world following the ACRE crack down. They were able to re-organize as a grassroots movement among the peasants who had been bound to their lord's land for generations. The AWU (RF) holds that these lands belong to those who work them, not the absentee noble lords or the ACRE retinues that manage them. The AWU (RF) are known to take Noble estates by force, executing any noble lords or ACRE managers who may be running them, and there after organizing them as Agricultural Communes. The AWU and AWU (RF) take no stance for or against Synthetics and has a general "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward people in their ranks who may or may not be Synthetics.

Philosophy and Programme

The AWU (RF) philosophy is referred to as the "Revolutionary Synthesis" and is a conglomeration of a number of old earth philosophies, predominantly Marxist ones. It incorporates elements of Neo-Posadism, but with a larger focus on Agrarian movements and forging alliances between the peasant and industrial working classes, and waging a more protracted revolutionary war rather than a sudden uprising. It's revolutionary strategy incorporates the ideas of New Democracy, "Our Three Tools", Protracted Revolutionary War, and Interstellar Revolution. The full length of the AWU (RF)'s fundamental documents and programme can be read here.

External Relations

AWU (RF) maintains a strong working relationship with the IUWC and at present defers to them when it comes to matters of the Interstellar Revolution. AWU (RF) looks poorly upon the Houses Noble and A.C.R.E., viewing them as the prime actors in the oppression on the workers and peasants, seeing their destruction as key to the liberation of the masses and the success of the revolution.

Notable Members


  • Commandant - or Zhǐhuī Guān (Mandarin - Romanized)
  • Freedom Fighter - or Zìyóu Zhànshì (Mandarin - Romanized)