A list of Directors of A.C.R.E. and their Departments. The Directors make up the Leadership of A.C.R.E.


Director of Reasonability
A. Freeman Appropriation of Commercial Real Estate Brokering of Land deals
A. Grzegżółka Animals Chopped, Rendered, Encased
& Acquiring Courtesy Respect and Esteem
Processed meats
A. Smith Accounting, Commerce, Retailing, and Economics Money man. Responsible for GROW. Part of the Diplomatic Core. Negotiator for LEARN.
A. Sordidus Accelerated Collaboration and Repression Exertions

Corporate Consolidation, Cooperation with Contractors, Coercion of Contenders. Negotiator for LEARN.

A. Whittaker Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Enhancement Development of utilities in facilities
A. Viatyr [REDACTED]


B. Vitrandic Alternative Cognition and Reiterative Edification Animal Husbandry and Behavioral Modification
C. Müller Accomplished Crops Retrieval Environments Crops harvest
D. Allan Authority on Conversion, Retention and Enlistment Headhunting
D. Kalar Accredited Consultation and Responsibilty of Ethics Legal branch of ACRE, Attourney
D. Petrov Agriculture Construction Refurbishment and Export Construction and renovation of Farms
E. Herold Ager Cum Ripa Exitus Income connected with with fields by water or water collected
E. Yamamoto Agricultural Control Research Ensemble Research new methods of Agricultural biocontrol
F. Alvaraz Appeals, Cases, and Records Employees Legal proceedings. Negotiator for LEARN.
G. Crane Automated Construction and Rebuild Endeavors Construction, Automated Creation, Demolition
G. Juhasz Automated Computing Remidiation Engineering IT
G. Zandasal Asteroid and Comet Refinery Elements Space mining
H. Silva

Active Compounds Regulation and Efficacy

Managing facilities and equipment
I. Planchart Awareness for Currently Recognized Entities Information about newly dicovered bodies.
J. Seragon Advanced Customer Relations Experience Communications & Human Resources
K. Harrod Agency for Creative and Reliable Exhortation a sub department of the Communication Department.
K. Neumann Alternative Criminal Rehabilitation and Exploitation P.U.R.E. Programm
L. Zhang Accounts Capital and Resource Exchanges Responsible for management of the commodities/futures exchanges
M. Iscrub Attenuating Confusion Regarding Erudition Internal Communications Review
M. Moronius Archetypal Constructional Recreation and Engineering Responsible for production and distribution of PBT (Plastic Building Toys more commonly known as LEGO)
M. Strauss Agriwaste for Construction Recycling and Engineering & ZiggurHut Bio-based construction materials.

Fast Food Chain.

N. Finan Agricultural Cataloging Recycling and Exporting Tracking Shipment and Sale
N. Weyland Acronym Citation Research and Etymology Acronyms
P. Laceholder Averting Crisies and Recovering from Emergencies Emergency Infrastructure and Execution
Q. Raechl Alcohol Creation Relocation and Export Acquiring and Distilling of fermentables. Selling of the byproducts to farmers.
Q. Sha Antigenic, Chemobiotic, and Radiological Engagements Weaponizes small scale elements, with a special focus on explosives and munitions.

Operates publicly as NOAH (Northern Office of ACRE Health/Hazard/Hospitality/Etc.)

Q. Stiina Adroit Conceptions and Research in Engineering
& Current Speaker of A.C.R.E.

Development of new Machinery and Production Equipment

R. Bounty Animal Care and Resisting Extinction Veterinary, control and research on mass materialization
R. Lombard Aggregated Consignment and Resource Excavation Retail, franchising, finding new markets
R. Mooney Active Crime Response and Emergency Defense of ACRE facilities
R. Pensiv Accomplishment Credibility and Responsibility Establishment Quality Control / Quality Assurance
S. Harvey Alien Community Resettlement and Education

Putting aliens to work

S. Joe Agronomist for the Cultivation of Russets for Export. Finding cheap and complete food sources
S. Rigault Aristocratic Client Remediation and Education Labor dispute mediation in nobly owned/ACRE managed territories.
S. Schneider Advanced Container Regulation and Export Transport, Shipping and Storage FLOW
S.J. Hilt Aministrative Corporate Recivables and Exportables Import and Export
T. Kain Advertisement Commercialization Retail Advertisements and Propaganda.
V. Montoille Culinary Research Research in genetically modified food
W. Kruger Augmented Consumables and Recreational Enhancers The manufacturing and design of pharmaceuticals to increase worker efficiency and satisfaction.
W. Robeson Aqua Conduit Reticuluation Environments Water pipes and irrigation
X. Vanderhoef Agreements, Contracts, Remedies and Enactment Transcribes agreements of the Board
Z. Nix Agriculture and Construction Repurposed Equipment Product Enhancement
Dr. F. Sultana Android Creation, Research, and Exploitation Developing artificial laborers